The company Metallforum Metallbau GmbH, which is located in Ahrbergen, Germany, produces over 1,000 sheet metal components, most of which are manufactured in short runs. Alongside Europe’s first 9 kW AMADA ENSIS-3015 Rotary Index, the company is now also working with the first 6 kW AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe.

“I’ve been a great fan of the VENTIS beam quality for a long time. For me, it’s the best laser on the market and the beam modulation and versatility of the machine give me a lot more options than are available with systems equipped with more powerful lasers. For example, the LBC Flash Cut function offers massive advantages during the ultra-high-speed cutting of holes of up to 2.5 mm,” explains Managing Director, Jens Löchel.

Jens Löchel, Managing Director of Metallforum Metallbau GmbH

The AMADA ­VENTIS-3015AJe 6 kW allows users to process an even greater range of materials than was possible using the 4 kW version: “With the 6 kW version, we can now cut even thicker materials of up to 25 mm without difficulty and are also opening up a whole new range of possible applications for the cutting of nonferrous metals. We particularly appreciate the AMADA assistance systems such as iCAS, the nozzle changer and automatic nozzle centering. These features vastly simplify our everyday production operations, just like the new AMADA VPSS controller, which is very convenient and easy-to-use.”

Images: Amada GmbH