With its automated processes, innovative functions and AI-assisted features, the new AMADA VPSS CAD CAM software solution is making production even simpler, more reliable and more efficient.

The AMADA VPSS software is available with immediate effect and constitutes the most recent version of the Virtual Prototype Simulation System. It offers not only even greater ease of operation, but also a whole range of new functions. These include the Tube Solution Pack, which has now been integrated to permit tube and profile machining, together with the automatic creation of parts and nesting plans and the generation of NC codes. This means that all AMADA technologies are now brought together in the VPSS software.

Lukas Pollok
Lukas Pollok, Software Application Engineer, AMADA GmbH

Fully-automatic programming

For the first time, AMADA VPSS now also incorporates the fully-automatic, enormously time-saving import of 3D files, including the automatic creation and processing of sheet templates. It also provides the AMADA Full Auto Blank function. It supports the fully-automatic import of production plans and creates cross-machine nesting plans on the basis of these. The ACSD function is also completely new. This makes it possible to convert parts data present in the form of CSV files from an ERP system into a 3D SEM file that can, in turn, be used for the fully-automatic generation of bending programs.
Other innovations include the LBC Flash Cut function for cutting small, round holes using the laser optics and the Soft Joint function. This permits the simple clamping of components without the need for strips and consequently greatly reduces reworking at the component. The function is available on the VENTIS 6 kW and Regius 12 kW.

Intelligent support

The new AMADA VPSS is rounded off by AI-assisted features such as the AI Bend function, which makes use of existing bending programs to generate production proposals – irrespective of whether the programs were created manually, automatically or at the machine. AI Drawing Assistance is another AI-based feature. This supports the import of PDF files, which it then automatically completes before transferring them to the AMADA 2D CAD system. This is now integrated as a standard module in AMADA VPSS.

AMADA meets School: “Modern and ready for the future”

The Münster Chamber of Trade’s Training Center uses an end-to-end AMADA software solution for digital, fully-automatic manufacturing on an AMADA press brake.

Since 2017, the Training Center (HBZ) Münster has placed its trust in AMADA, and more precisely in an AMADA HFE3i-5020 press brake. The Center has now made a very important extension to its training offering: “To teach our students about digital, paperless manufacturing, we have updated our existing AMADA software solution and extended it to include the AMADA Order Manager (SaaS),” explains Horst Raupach, a trainer in the metal workshop.

Horst Raupach, Trainer at HBZ Münster

More specifically, the solution comprises all the steps from the import of the 3D parts through the virtual feasibility analysis and on to the ERP interface and the automatic feedback of the production results from the AMADA press brake. According to Raupach: “A paper layout plan isn’t even needed for setup.” “This is a modern, forward-looking solution that can be used for end-to-end digital manufacturing.”

Images: Amada GmbH, privat