With its 6 kW fiber laser, the AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe offers all users who work in the world of laser cutting a whole range of new capabilities in terms of the variety of materials that can be cutted, cutting quality and production speed. When used in combination with automation modules such as the AMADA ASF II 3015 EU tower storage system, it provides far greater productivity than systems equipped with more powerful lasers.

One highlight of this year’s Blechexpo in Stuttgart will be the AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe with its single 6 kW laser module. As one of the new generation of fiber laser cutting machines, it is the successor to the 4 kW version and offers even better performance thanks to the higher laser power and optimum beam quality. “The AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe, which is equipped with a 6 kW fiber laser, is the result of the ‘productivity not power’ philosophy and enables significantly higher throughputs than systems with more powerful lasers, in particular when it is used together with the corresponding automation solutions,” stresses Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology at AMADA. “It achieves exceptionally high cutting speeds and quality, while also making it possible to process particularly thick materials.”

Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology,

Uniquely intelligent

The AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe 6 kW is characterized by its intelligent laser system. Among other things, this makes use of AMADA’s LBC technology, in which the laser beam moves from side to side in different trajectories around a defined cutting point. This brings about concrete advantages during cutting, such as the ability to widen the cutting gap. Even thick materials are optimally fused by the side-to-side movement, meaning that they can be ejected downwards with cleanly cut edges and free from any burr. Thanks to the AMADA LBC FastCut function, the LBC also makes it possible to cut even small hole geometries extremely quickly and accurately without it being necessary to move the entire laser bridge.

The AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe 6 kW is the latest generation of AMADA fiber-laser cutting machines.

Reliable and energy-efficient

The intelligent system achieves its full productivity when used in combination with automation modules. These include, for example, the tower storage system AMADA ASF 3015 EU II, which will also be on display at the trade fair. It supplies the required raw material, returns cut material to storage, and stands out thanks to its extremely short transfer times. When used in this configuration, the AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe 6 kW once again far surpasses other systems with significantly higher laser power. Its relatively low energy penetration ensures reliable, low-wear production, while also naturally permitting greatly reduced energy consumption.

Autonomous operation

In practical applications, the automated system is perfectly capable of working almost autonomously for periods of several days. In such scenarios, operation is ensured by the Laser Integration System (LIS). As a result, the system continuously monitors itself and automatically adapts all the parameters for the current cutting process. And the LIS Option Pack with fully-automatic nozzle centering and the iCAS function for remnant sheet measurements boosts process reliability even further. The AMADA ­VENTIS-3015AJe 6 kW is controlled via the new outstandingly user-friendly AMADA VPSS controller.

Images: Amada GmbH