With the innovative LITE mode, the Auto-Crowning (A.C.) system, optimized dimensions and no end of other optional features, the AMADA HRB series of press brakes ensures state-of-the-art ergonomics coupled with optimum production efficiency.

AMADA will also be exhibiting its AMADA HRB-5020 press brake at this year’s Blechexpo in Stuttgart. This is the most recent development in the field of hydraulically-driven press brakes and, together with a number of larger models, constitutes the new generation of machines that are taking over from the proven AMADA HFE3i series. Just like all the new AMADA press brakes, particular emphasis was placed on user-friendliness and an ergonomic design during the development of this system. For example, the associated AMNC 3i controller includes an innovative multi-touchscreen user interface. The system can be operated in FULL or LITE mode. The latter mode was specially designed for inexperienced users and has been pared down to the most essential functions. “This LITE mode has been enthusiastically received in practical use,” reports Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology at AMADA. “It has been shown that very many operators only need a few selected functions for their work.”

Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology, AMADA GmbH

Constant bending angles, extended dimensions

At the same time, the AMADA ­HRB-5020 also showcases the latest technical functionalities and features that AMADA is now offering for its press brakes. One example is the so-called Auto-Crowning (A.C.) system that is optionally available for the system. This compensates for the sagging of the upper press beam and consequently ensures constant bending angles even for long bended parts. The AMADA HRB-5020’s optimized dimensions and measurements also bring about significant advantages in practical operation. For example, the openings have now been extended to 520 mm in order to accommodate even large tools. The cylinder stroke has also been extended to 250 mm and the frame gap at the side frame is now 450 mm. Last but not least, the AMADA ­HRB-5020 can also be equipped with numerous options that impressively further enhance ease of operation and manufacturing efficiency.

A range of features for even greater efficiency

Other features include, for example, the AMADA SF 75 sheet follower. With a capacity of 75 kg per arm, it greatly assists operators during the processing of large and/or heavy parts. The automatic sliding foot pedal, which is now newly available for the AMADA HRB series, also simplifies operation. And last but not least, the optional equipment available for the press brake also includes the active angle measurement system. Like all the systems in the AMADA HRB series, the AMADA HRB-5020 also excels through its low energy costs and unsurpassed process stability. However, for anyone who wants to manufacture even more efficiently: The AMADA HRB press brakes can also be automated by retrofitting them with a robot system.

Images: Amada GmbH