At Blechexpo 2023, AMADA will be presenting its latest outstanding innovation in the field of electrically-driven press brakes in the form of the AMADA EGB-1303ATCe. Thanks to a host of new features and functions, the machine operates particularly quickly and reliably, opens up a new range of applications and excels through its simple handling and operation.

The AMADA EGB-1303ATCe represents the most recent generation of electrical, servo-controlled press brakes. On the one hand, the system’s servo-electric drive permits extremely high approach and opening speeds, while simultaneously generating the high torque required to achieve the 130 tonnes of press force. At the same time, it also ensures the machine’s exceptionally high positioning and repeat accuracy. In addition, the compact motor permits simplified machine construction and improved maintenance possibilities. Another advantage lies in the fact that the servo-drive does not need any hydraulic oil and has only low CO2 emissions.

Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology, AMADA GmbH

Fast, reliable and precise

The automatic tool changer (ATC) has also been redesigned. Its capacity has been increased by 30 percent. At the same time, the new ATC also takes up significantly less space than the previous model. The die size has now also been increased to V50. This makes it possible to process thicker sheets and thus, more generally, a wider range of parts. Another highlight: The AMADA EGB-1303ATCe has an innovative backgauge with three gauge fingers which can be controlled independently of one another. This simplifies component positioning even when processing highly-complex external contours. Further important benefits are provided by the AMADA BI-S II angle measurement system, which can now complete the measuring process in half the cycle time required by the previous model. This now takes just three seconds, equating to considerable time savings during production. The integrated automatic crowning system also contributes to the particularly high component quality. With its two independently controlled servo-electric drives, it is able to compensate precisely for the sagging of the press beam.

Customized ease of operation

The AMADA EGB-1303ATCe is controlled using the new AMADA AMNC controller. As a result, system operation can be customized in either Full or Lite mode using the simplified user interface. It can therefore be used without difficulty even by inexperienced operators. The controller’s enlarged display, the additional mobile control tablet and the live camera image, which uses AR technology to combine the real image with the drawing of the workpiece and the correct stop position, all help improve ergonomics and operator comfort. What is more, the created bending angles are automatically displayed after the bending process, meaning that no time-consuming manual post-bending measurements are required. The AMADA EGB-1303ATCe will be available as of 2024.

Images: Amada GmbH