The AMADA Blank-to-Bend (B2B) concept makes use of an AMADA compact storage system to directly link cutting and bending operations – for fully-automated, lightly-manned 24/7 production. This end-to-end process workflow has met with great enthusiasm in practical applications.

Last year, AMADA presented the Blank-to-Bend concept (B2B) for the first time. It is a unique solution consisting of a single highly-automated, end-to-end process that connects an AMADA punching and cutting system (blank) to an AMADA bending machine (bend) via an AMADA 
CS II compact storage system. The connecting link in this solution is the AMADA CS II system, which not only manages and transports the material but also acts as a buffer store. It supplies the raw material to an AMADA punching machine or an AMADA punch-laser combination machine, which produces the blanking part. These parts are then transported to a robot-assisted bending cell with tool changer which then performs the bending operation. After this, the finished parts are removed from the system for further operating steps, such as assembly, coating, welding, etc.

Axel Gottfried, Product Specialist Automation, AMADA GmbH

Perfect material flow

“The B2B concept combines the areas of cutting, automation and bending within one highly-efficient overall solution. It permits fully-automated production 24/7 with only low staffing levels,” explains Axel Gottfried, Product Specialist Automation, ­AMADA GmbH. The system has many practical advantages. For example, like all AMADA stand-alone solutions, it boasts a particularly compact design and a small footprint. At the same time, it has a modular structure and can be retrofitted or extended whenever required. Most importantly, however, it minimizes manual handling activities. This eliminates the otherwise high staffing requirements and the risk of errors and damage is practically zero.

Successful practical studies

“The AMADA B2B concept is an interesting option for all customers that are already equipped with AMADA technology, whether in the form of an AMADA punch-laser combination machine, an AMADA press brake or an AMADA CS II compact storage system,” explains Gottfried. “It combines these systems to provide a completely new level of productivity and efficiency. The new investment required amounts to just about nine percent of the amount already invested.” It is no wonder, therefore, that the AMADA B2B concept has been enthusiastically received in practice: “So far, we have received very many inquiries regarding the AMADA Blank-to-Bend concept and have already drawn up numerous layouts and feasibility analyses for customers throughout Europe,” reports Gottfried. A particularly warm reception has been reserved for the continuous, lightly-manned production sequences made possible by the AMADA Blank-to-Bend concept, which is currently in the final development phase.

Images: Amada GmbH