The new AMADA ASR 3015 PR is the only solution on the market that combines fully-automatic loading and unloading with parts sorting in a single, particularly compact system. In combination with the AMADA EML-AJ, the system is therefore able to achieve productivity increases of up to 35 percent.

The 3-kW fiber laser developed by AMADA lies at the heart of the AMADA EML-AJ punch/fiber-laser combination machine. And the outstanding advantage of this is that, due to the improved absorption, it cuts significantly faster than a conventional CO2 laser – and permits energy savings of up to 60 percent due to its enhanced efficiency. The AMADA EML-2515AJ is therefore perfect for the fast and simple production of single parts and for series with large numbers of parts variants. The wide range of thread-cutting, punching/stamping and forming tools makes it possible to manufacture complex parts in a single process. AMADA ­premiers ASR 3015 PR Automatic Storage System with single-part sorting for the AMADA ­EML-2515AJ. “For the first time, the AMADA ASR 3015 PR permits the autonomous loading and unloading of raw material, parts sorting and the storage of the components and sheet skeletons on a single system,” explains Axel Gottfried, Product Specialist Automation, AMADA GmbH. “With this configuration, the system is also the most compact automation solution available on the market.”

End-to-end process

In practice, the Automatic Storage Unit (ASR) takes the required material from the corresponding storage location before it is then transported to the loading unit by the lifter. The loading unit takes up the material by means of a vacuum suction system, checks for the presence of double sheets and places the material down on an intermediate table. Here, the Part Remover (PR) passes it on to to the punch/fiber-laser combination machine. After all the machining operations have been completed, the ASR picks up the finished punched sheet and transfers it to the unloading pallet. It can alternatively also remove the components separately or a parts flap can be used. And while all this is going on, the system is already being prepared for the next cycle.

Axel Gottfried, Product Specialist Automation AMADA GmbH

Uninterrupted efficiency

“This is a fully-automated, autonomous end-to-end solution which can increase the productivity of the overall system by 20 to 35 percent – with no variation in cycle times,” explains Axel Gottfried. During operation, the lifter and the system work in separate safety zones. As a result, material provision or parts removal can run in parallel without interrupting the machine. Last but not least, the system is connected to the machine at the back. This not only makes it easier to handle material using a fork-lift truck but also keeps the front of the machine free and flexibly available for unscheduled manufacturing jobs.
In the standard configuration, the AMADA ASR 3015 PR is equipped with three pallets for raw material, two pallets for finished parts and two pallets for sheet skeletons, each with a load-bearing capacity of 3000 kg. The system, which is available with immediate effect, can also be configured in line with customer-specific requirements depending on the material flow.

Images: AMADA GmbH