The new AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe with its 6-kW fiber laser uses AMADA LBC technology and is able to cut a vast range of materials extremely quickly and accurately. At the same time, the Laser Integration System (LIS) permits largely autonomous production coupled with simplified machine operation.

One highlight of the new AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe with its single 6-kW laser module lies in the fact that the fiber laser cutting system is able to make use of AMADA LBC technology. Using this technology, the laser beam oscillating in different movement profiles around a defined cutting point. One completely new feature here is the LBC Flash Cut function. This permits the almost inertia-free movement of the laser beam without it being necessary to displace the entire laser carriage. As a result, the AMADA ­VENTIS-3015AJe is able to cut even small hole geometries extremely quickly and accurately. “With regard to its performance capabilities, the AMADA VENTIS-3015AJe with its 6 kW of laser power is very much the equal of traditional fiber laser machines in the 9-kW class, while it goes far beyond these in terms of cutting quality thanks to its smart laser system,” explains Axel ­Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology at AMADA.

A wide range of materials

The new 6-kW laser permits faster cutting and an outstanding cutting quality with absolutely precise cutting angles, in particular in the mid- to high-thickness material range. At the same time, the AMADA ­VENTIS-3015AJe is able to cut many different special materials for which traditional fiber lasers are not designed. These include Hardox steels as well as rust-resistant primer (coating) and sandblasted material. The increase in power has also boosted the system’s performance in the machining of stainless steel and aluminum, permitting higher cutting speeds and enhanced cutting quality.

Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology, AMADA GmbH

Continuous self-monitoring

Just like the new AMADA ­REGIUS-3015AJe, the AMADA ­VENTIS-3015AJe is equipped with the Laser Integration System (LIS). As a result, the system continuously monitors itself and automatically adapts all the parameters for the current cutting process. This permits a very high level of autonomous ­production. The AMADA ­VENTIS-3015AJe is controlled using the new AMADA AMNC 4ie controller. This boasts innovative features such as the Face ID which makes system operation particularly simple and intuitive, meaning that it is not essential to have highly qualified personnel on hand during operation.

More efficient production

At this year’s EuroBLECH, AMADA will present the AMADA ­VENTIS-3015AJe as a stand-alone system. However, just like the 4-kW VENTIS-3015AJ – which will also be on display at the trade fair – it can also be equipped with all the AMADA automation modules, including parts sorting. In this way, all users can give another significant boost to their system runtimes because these options completely do away with the need for manual material changes. Depending on the customer’s specific configuration, this permits autonomous production cycles lasting between a few hours and several days.

Images: AMADA GmbH