Thanks to its new 12-kW laser, the new AMADA REGIUS-3015AJe is able to achieve particularly high cutting speeds. However, it also stands out for its new, greatly simplified mode of operation. Together with the smart LIS functions, the system offers outstanding productivity, autonomy and machine availability.

The new AMADA REGIUS-3015AJe opens up new dimensions in terms of productivity and machine availability. The particularly high performance it offers is due to innovative features such as the Laser Integration System (LIS). This is a smart system that permits the continuous self-monitoring of the laser cutting system, allowing it to adapt all the system and process parameters automatically to the current cutting process. The stand-out components are i-Process-Monitoring for monitoring the beam and cutting conditions, the i-Optics-Sensor for detecting the protective glass of the cutting optics or the ­i-­Nozzle-Checker with its camera for beam analysis and the automatic adjustment of the nozzle center. The system is also equipped with an improved i-Camera for measuring the sheet position and recording residual sheet values. The LIS system not only makes a vital contribution to the system’s performance in terms of speed, accuracy, cutting quality and availability but also makes operation particularly secure and reliable.

For all operators

The AMADA REGIUS-3015AJe with its 12 kW of laser power and three-axis linear drive is operated using the latest generation of AMADA AMNC 4ie-type controllers. This ensures that system operation is particularly simple and intuitive. One example of this is the new Face ID recognition. Thanks to this feature, the system automatically recognizes the current operator, autonomously adapts to the relevant profile and sets the corresponding basic parameters. This means: To run a job, the system starts up by itself, performs a self-check and automatically adjusts itself as required. Consequently, every aspect of operation requires considerably less knowledge on the part of the personnel, who therefore do not need to be so highly qualified. “As a high-end and high-speed machine, the new AMADA ­REGIUS-3015AJe can be used by practically any operator and always offers them the same high performance,” explains Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology at AMADA. “As a result, the production process and manufacturing results are far less dependent on the operator’s knowledge and experience than in the past.” This means that the AMADA REGIUS-3015AJe is also the perfect response to the current lack of qualified workers.

Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology, AMADA GmbH

Enormous potential

At the same time, the new 12-kW laser capacity ensures particularly high cutting speeds. This not only opens the way to considerable savings in terms of energy and resource consumption but also reduces payroll costs because, in some cases, it is not necessary to work a second or third shift. This system, which is compatible with all the AMADA automation modules, is available with immediate effect.

Images: AMADA GmbH