The AMADA FLW-ENSIS fiber-laser welding cells are available with immediate effect with a 6-kW laser – to achieve considerably increased penetration depths and particularly high welding speeds.

The three variants – M2, M3 and M5 – of the AMADA FLW-ENSIS 3i fiber-laser welding cells permit peerless high-end welding coupled with versatile automation. The heart of each system is the AMADA fiber laser, which is now available beside the 3 kW as a 6 kW version. “The 6-kW fiber laser increases the penetration depth in steel and stainless steel to 12 mm and in aluminum to 8 mm. This makes it possible to fully weld correspondingly thick materials without any need for time-consuming weld preparation,” explains Jörn Lota, Product Specialist for FLW Laser Welding at AMADA. Another advantage lies in the fact that the AMADA FLW-ENSIS 3i fiber laser also makes it possible to bridge over larger gap sizes than are usually possible using laser welding technology. This is possible thanks to the innovative AMADA ENSIS technology.

Jörn Lota, Product Specialist for FLW Laser Welding, AMADA GmbH

Using this, the primary energy of the laser beam can be continuously moved in a “ring mode” from the center of the laser to the various diameters. The unique laser-weaving technology, in which the integrated optics cause the circular, weaving movement of the laser beam, equip users with another important function for controlling the welding process. For particularly large gap sizes, the FLW is equipped with a swiveling in additional wire whose precise movement is controlled via a push-pull motor. Last but not least, the AMADA FLW-ENSIS 3i fiber-laser welding cells can also be used for the unproblematic soldering of an extremely wide range of materials.

Images: AMADA GmbH