With the new 6, 9 and 12-kW classes, it is now also possible to cut thicker materials quickly, flexibly and reliably on the AMADA ENSIS-3015RI fiber laser cutting systems. At the same time, the Laser Integration System (LIS) ensures a high level of autonomy during production.

AMADA recently introduced the AMADA ENSIS-3015RI fiber laser cutting systems which are also optionally available with 6, 9 or 12 kW of laser power. The primary aim of this increase in power is to make it possible to adapt more flexibly to the different characteristics of the individual materials used in flatbed cutting and also to permit the fast, versatile and reliable cutting of thicker materials. To this end, all the systems with an output of 6 kW or more are also equipped with new, adaptive optics in front of the laser head. This permits the direct manipulation of the focal position and diameter and, in particular, makes it possible to adapt these parameters for greater sheet thicknesses.

Self-monitoring system

Another newly introduced feature of the AMADA ENSIS-3015RI fiber laser cutting systems is the Laser Integration System (LIS). This comprises components such as the i-Nozzle-Checker, the i-Cas-System, the i-Optics-Sensor and i-Process-Monitoring. Thanks to these features, the machine is practically able to monitor itself, making the entire manufacturing process even more autonomous. One further advantage lies in the fact that it is possible to switch from flatbed to tube or profile cutting in a matter of seconds. This ensures outstanding production flexibility and epitomizes the unique machine concept behind the AMADA ENSIS-3015RI fiber laser cutting systems.

Images: AMADA GmbH