The new AMADA EGB-6013ARce is a fully-automatic electric bending cell. It offers 35 percent more tool capacity and reduces cycle times by up to 36 percent.

The AMADA EGB-6013ARce represents the latest generation of fully-automatic bending cells and boasts countless innovations. Thus the system possesses a new servo-drive, while the 3-axis backgage (X and Y alignment) now also permits the Z-axis correction of the component position. At the same time, the capacity of the automatic tool changer (ATC) has also been increased by 35 percent. The ATC now also permits the use of Hemming and Z-tools. A new station also makes it possible to rotate the punch through 180 degrees. The number of robot grippers has now also been increased to eight. Particularly beneficial in practice: The entire sequence of robot movements can be programmed extremely quickly and automatically using the AMADA software. The sequences of movements are always optimally calculated, meaning that cycle times are reduced by up to 36 percent. The loading station has also been reconfigured and is now equipped with three particularly large loading tables, corresponding to a 50 percent increase in capacity. With two material stacks per table, autonomous manufacturing is now possible for particularly long periods. Last but not least, a tablet for mobile use is also available in addition to the AMADA AMNC 4ie controller and provides information and live images of the cell.

Images: AMADA GmbH