With its autonomously functioning assistance systems and the proven AMADA fiber laser, the AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ ensures previously unparalleled levels of productivity and machine availability. Among other contexts, the laser cutting system shows off its full performance capability when handling complex geometries with high requirements in terms of precision.

Ende letzten Jahres präsentierte AMADA erstmals die AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ, und nach gelungenem

At the end of last year, AMADA premiered its AMADA ­REGIUS-3015AJ and, after successful initial sales, this unique laser cutting system will soon be demonstrating its strengths to users throughout Europe. “The AMADA
REGIUS-3015AJ is the most productive laser system ever manufactured by AMADA,” explains Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology at AMADA GmbH. “Practical operations have confirmed that the system runs extremely quickly and efficiently, even at low material thicknesses.” The three-axis linear drive has proved to be a particular advantage here. This guarantees the high speed and outstanding precision of the cutting processes even when machining complex contours. All of this is complemented by the Laser Integration System (LIS) which equips the AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ. This comprises various autonomous functions such as the i-Nozzle Checker, the i-Optics Sensor and i-Process Monitoring. These features monitor the cutting nozzle, the protective glass and the piercing operation and specifically eliminate potential operational impairments during production, in particular during extended unstaffed or reduced-staff production cycles. And even if a collision does occur, for example between the cutting head and the cut material, the system automatically prepares itself for cutting again. “Customers greatly appreciate the fact that the system monitors itself during many of the processes it performs, automatically maintains its productivity and ensures that the personnel requirements during operation are kept to an absolute minimum,” continues Axel Willuhn.

The AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ excels in particular during the high-precision cutting of complex geometries (shown without safety device).

A worthwhile investment

Die AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ bietet gleichzeitig auch enorme Kosteneinsparungen. So lässt sich auf der Anlage b

The AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ also offers enormous cost savings. Thus, for example, the system permits the use of Clean Fast Cut Technology (CFC). Using this nozzle technology, nitrogen cutting is performed much faster and uses considerably less gas. “Used in combination with the assistance systems and the exceptionally fast controller, the system’s AMADA fiber laser is able to make the very most of its advantages,
and I believe that the AMADA ­REGIUS-3015AJ is currently the best laser cutting system available on the market,” is Axel Willuhn’s clear assessment.“

Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology,

„An investment in this system is absolutely worthwhile, particularly when machining complex geometries with high requirements in terms of precision and low material thicknesses.” ­However, the outstanding performance capabilities of the AMADA ­REGIUS-3015AJ can be extended even further, for example using the AMADA ASF II-3015 storage system – thereby achieving even shorter cycle times and greater flexibility right through to the parts sorting process. •

Images: AMADA