With the new AMADA ENSIS-4020AJ, AMADA is supplying a laser cutting system that has been specially configured for 4×2-meter metal sheets machining – and which combines with the AMADA AS LUL II-4020 storage system and the AMADA TK-4020L unloading and sorting system to form a fully automated manufacturing solution.

The AMADA ENSIS-4020AJ is the latest addition to AMADA’s family of ENSIS laser cutting systems. Here again, AMADA’s variable beam control solution allows the fiber laser to adapt automatically to the type and thickness of the material that is being machined and to cut normal steel, stainless steel as well as aluminum, copper, brass or titanium without difficulty at thicknesses of between 0.8 and 25 mm. What is new, however, is the fact that the machine is configured to work with max. format, 4×2-meter metal sheets, thereby now providing a total sheet area of 8 square meters. AMADA also offers an end-to-end automation solution for handling sheet metal parts of this size in the form of the AMADA AS LUL II-4020 automatic storage system and the AMADA TK-4020L unloading and sorting system. “This is a compact, space-saving automation system which covers all the necessary operating steps,” explains Rolf Somnitz, Product Manager Automation at AMADA. “The solution can achieve a 90-percent automation level and permits unstaffed or low-personnel production at a uniformly high and absolutely error-free manufacturing quality.”

Extended capacity

The AMADA AS LUL II-4020 automatic storage system is the second, fully redesigned generation of the proven AMADA AS LUL storage tower. It automatically takes up the pallet with the sheets for machining and transports it to the loading station. Here, the sheets are separated, subjected to a thickness check and then placed on a cutting pallet which travels into the AMADA ENSIS-4020AJ. The new AMADA AS LUL II-4020 has been designed in a way that then permits it to unload autonomously again – thanks to its own unloading unit and a total of three unloading pallets which are available as standard. The AMADA TK-4020L unloading and sorting system provides even more capacity. This removes the parts individually from the cutting pallet and places them down in their preprogrammed locations. A total of ten europallets are available for this.

Rolf Somnitz,
Product Manager for Automation,

Reliable and economical

All in all, AMADA is able to equip the new ENSIS-4020AJ with an end-to-end automation solution that permits outstanding, error-free reliability and precision specifically for the handling and machining of large-format sheets. In addition to the increased production efficiency, all users also benefit from outstanding economy due to the reduced personnel requirements made possible by the precisely calculable loading and unloading cycles, as well as from greater reliability during their cost planning. The entire solution is now available as standard from AMADA.

Images: AMADA GmbH