Intelligent features and functions that are integrated in the AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ ensure that this laser cutting system performs permanent self-monitoring and automatically adapts all the plant and process parameters to the needs of the current cutting operation. This allows it to achieve maximum productivity and economic efficiency – while simultaneously simplifying operation and boosting availability.

The new AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ is the most recent development in the AMADA line of laser cutting systems and opens up completely new dimensions in terms of productivity, quality and machine availability. The new system is characterized by its integrated intelligence in the form of many new automatically acting features and functions. Thanks to these automated capabilities, the new AMADA REGIUS-­3015AJ is able to monitor both its own operation and the cutting process and adjust machine and process parameters autonomously. This gives the system an exceptionally high level of manufacturing efficiency. “The REGIUS-3015AJ is the most productive laser system that AMADA has ever produced,” stresses Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology at AMADA. “Its performances at the levels of speed, precision, cutting quality and reliability are unique, as is the availability of the system.”

The laser cutting quality has once again been significantly improved thanks to i-Process Monitoring, the i-Optics Sensor and the i-Nozzle Checker.

Intelligent automation

The outstandingly high performance of the AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ is the result of a wide range of innovative functionalities. These include the improved 3-axis linear drive with even faster acceleration and deceleration capabilities. This increases the overall speed of the current cutting process. It also features the original AMADA laser beam regulation mechanism in the form of the proven variable beam control. This ensures that the fiber laser achieves perfect cutting results with both thick and thin materials. This cutting quality has now been further enhanced with the new i-Process Monitoring solution. i-Process Monitoring monitors the beam and cutting conditions and ensures that these parameters are optimally configured. It is complemented by another new development, the i-Optics Sensor. This monitoring mechanism detects dirt, burn-in or other sources of interference on the protective glass of the cutting optics – and does so far more precisely than was possible in the past by means of the visual inspections of the optical protective glass that had to be performed by the operator. The new i-Nozzle Checker also has a contribution to make here. It uses an integrated camera to monitor the beam nozzle for potential accumulations of particles or damage and is also able to center the midpoint of the nozzle automatically and monitor the beam parameters. This excludes possible impairments during productive operation, in particular during long unstaffed cycles or when the machine is running with low personnel levels. And if the cutting head does ever collide with the cutting material then the head automatically takes evasive action, before then being automatically centered and checked. In this way, the cutting process can be resumed with minimum delay. In the event of possible cutting errors, this capability is ensured by the system’s self-diagnosis function.

In the machine, the i-Camera Assisted System of the AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ measures the position of the sheet, adjusts the origin point and records residual sheet values.

Simplified operation

Axel Willuhn,
Product Manager
for Punching and Laser Technology, Amada GmbH

The i-Process Monitoring, the i-Optics Sensor and the i-Nozzle Checker are new, intelligent functions and are part of the Laser Integration System, which also greatly simplifies the operation of the system. This is because much of what used to depend on the operator’s knowledge and experience when using conventional laser cutting systems is now done by the AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ itself. As a result, it is particularly easy to launch new jobs because the system performs self-checks of all the necessary factors and automatically adjusts itself accordingly. The i-Camera Assisted System in the AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ further simplifies operation. It has the task of automatically measuring the position of the metal sheet in the machine, including automatic origin point adjustment. In addition to this, it also detects and records residual sheet values after processing. At the controller’s touchscreen interface the operator can then drag and drop further parts into the remainder of the sheet depending on the space available. This ensures optimum material utilization, thereby cutting costs and further increasing the efficiency of the system.
Another highlight is the V-Remote function. With this, authorized users can not only call up the current production status but, for example, can include additional parts jobs in the production sequence from almost any location. These networking capabilities and adaptability boost the efficiency and performance of the entire sheet metal processing operation even further – especially if the system is also equipped with AMADA’s automation modules for automatic loading and unloading as well as for the automatic sorting of parts.

Objective manufacturing criteria

All in all, the new AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ with its integrated, intelligent features and functions makes laser cutting even faster, better and simpler. Operators can rely on the system’s objective self-monitoring functions which are consequently also self-optimizing, thus minimizing the risks of errors and waste and increasing the availability of the system. The new AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ will be available as of the start of 2021.

The new AMADA REGIUS-3015AJ is an intelligent laser cutting machine that automatically monitors itself and the cutting process (here without safety device).

Images: AMADA GmbH