With the new AMADA FLW-3000 ENSIS M2, AMADA is extending the FLW series with a compact, versatile, economical fiber laser welding cell that is ideally suited for newcomers to the world of fiber laser welding cell technology. The new 2-station rotary table in this system, which was exclusively presented at Blechexpo, ensures optimum operability and short cycle times.

The AMADA FLW-3000 ENSIS M2 is the latest development in AMADA’s FLW series. Although it is every bit of a match for the M3 and M5 models in terms of function and power, it is less expensive than these systems. This is made possible, in particular, by the new design of the welding cell periphery. Thus one totally new feature is that the welding robot is mounted in a fixed position in the cell with no linear axis, just like the rotary and tilting table in the welding cell. However, the most important innovation is the new 2-station rotary table, which is integrated horizontally in the booth. It is mounted as a circular table that can be rotated through 180° and is installed in such a way that when one half is rotated into the welding cell, the other half is located outside of the booth. In this position, the booth is completely sealed off and the robot can weld safely and reliably in the booth. During this time, the operator can remove the part on the free side of the table and re-equip the work surface. “Although the 2-station rotary table solution is less expensive than other AMADA welding cell models, it permits particularly short cycle times as well as simple, fast, flexible access,” explains Axel Willuhn, Product Manager for Punching and Laser Technology.

Die AMADA FLW-3000 ENSIS M2 bietet den idealen Einstieg in die Faserlaser-Schweißzellentechnologie.
The AMADA FLW-3000 ENSIS M2 is the ideal entry-level solution for fiber laser welding cell technology.

Compact power pack

“With the FLW-3000 ENSIS M2, AMADA has rounded off the FLW series of models. This solution is the ideal entry-level model in the field of fiber laser welding cell technology,” says Willuhn. “It is particularly suitable for customers who do not need the high-end capacities offered, for example, by the M5 model for their activities, but who mostly want to machine simple, smaller parts geometries.” With booth dimensions of less than 5 meters wide and 5 meters deep, the new FLW-3000 ENSIS M2 is also significantly more compact and takes up approximately 30 percent less space that the M3 model. It also includes the safety booth, which complies with the demanding T2 safety standard. As an active safety system, this monitors the entire welding process and halts it automatically if necessary. The variable beam control that automatically adapts the energy penetration from the fiber laser to each material and welding task, the Ring Mode Beam, weaving (rotation of the laser beam) and the wire feed to bridge large gap sizes round off the new welding cell’s performance features. The FLW-3000 ENSIS M2 will be available as of fall 2019. 

Images: AMADA GmbH