With the EG-4010, the HFE3i-5012, the HG-1003ATC and the EG-6013AR, AMADA will be presenting both manual and fully automatic bending solutions at Blechexpo. These systems offer outstanding speed and precision for all component sizes and production requirements, while also ensuring the flexibility needed for the highly efficient manufacturing of even small batch sizes.

With the EG-4010 press brake, AMADA is presenting a particularly compact, purely electrically driven machine with 400 kN of press force and a beam width of 1000 mm. The ergonomic high-speed system is perfectly suited for the production of small parts even with larger sheet thicknesses which also demand a high level of precision. One highlight here is the DSP drive system which features two electric motors on both sides at the upper press beam. As a result, the machine can be positioned extremely quickly and absolutely reproducibly to a precision of up to 1/1000 mm. Equally precise is the TDS function that determines varying sheet thicknesses with complete accuracy. Here, a touch sensor system automatically compares the actual and calculated die positions when it reaches the sheet. Alternatively, it is possible to use the Bi-J angle measurement system, which measures the actual angle of the part during the bending process. Both features ensure an outstandingly precise bending process right from the very first part. In addition, thanks to its extremely rigid machine frame, the AMADA EG-4010 can also operate in coining mode.

Kompakt und rein elektrisch: die AMADA EG-4010.
Compact and fully electric: The AMADA EG-4010.

New: The AMADA HFE3i-5012

AMADA will also be presenting an ergonomic press brake for best working conditions at Blechexpo in the form of the AMADA HFE3i-5012. With a press force of 500 kN and a working width of 1200 mm, this hydraulically driven unit has been designed for the fast, convenient production of small parts with average levels of complexity. Particularly striking is the outstanding ergonomic design for operators, featuring a work table, chair and tool cabinets which also contain drawers. However, when it comes to productivity and operating speed, the AMADA HFE3i-5012 also satisfies the most demanding needs – in particular thanks to the innovative FAST-Finger backgauge. This permits fast axis travel speeds of up to 500 mm/s without being slowed down by braking operations, even in the safety area. Another advantage: The AMADA HFE3i-5012 has a particularly large open height and can therefore be equipped with all commonly used tool systems. At the trade fair, the unit will be equipped with the AMADA AFH tool system (stage-die system) which makes it possible to combine dies of different sizes in one and the same setup.

Perfekt für Kleinteile mit mittlerer Komplexität: die AMADA HFE3i-5012.
Perfect for small parts with a moderate level of complexity: The AMADA HFE3i-5012.

Automatic setup time reduction

The AMADA HG-1003ATC provides even more efficiency with its automatic tool changer, 1000 kN of press force and a beam width of 3000 mm. “The machine permits particularly economical, fast and precise manufacturing even for one-off parts,” explains Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology. “The AMADA HG-1003ATC is therefore the high-performance solution, in particular given the increasing demand for smaller runs.” One outstanding feature is the automatic tool changer (ATC) which reduces set-up times to a few minutes. This makes the ATC the fastest and most powerful tool changer currently available on the market. Another feature that makes the AMADA HG-1003ATC unique is the automatic, mobile foot pedal. This moves automatically to the required workstation at the press brake and makes the operator’s practical activities very much easier. Last but not least, thanks to the Bi-S system, the machine has an automatic angle measurement system. This can be used as an individual unit or in a pair and is also able to perform two and three-point measurements.

Highlight der AMADA HG-1003ATC ist der automatische Werkzeugwechsler (ATC).
One highlight of the AMADA HG-1003ATC is the automatic tool changer (ATC).

Fully automated bending cell

By contrast, the AMADA EG-6013AR robot cell works completely autonomously. This robot cell, which has a beam length of 1,300 mm and 600 kN of press force, comprises a robot that travels parallel to the machine as well as a high-capacity automatic tool changer and gripper changer. The robot not only loads the system from the total of four loading stations and places the completed workpieces in boxes or on a conveyor belt. It also changes the bending tools and grippers itself and performs workpiece handling throughout the entire bending process. “The AMADA EG-6013AR stands for extremely high speeds, outstanding precision and exceptionally accurate positioning,” emphasizes Tankred Kandera. “In this way, it permits long, unattended runtimes in automatic mode, in particular when manufacturing small parts that involve complex handling operations.” The system, which is equipped with the DSP drive system, is able to machine sheet thicknesses of up to 4 mm. Another highlight lies in the fact that the backgauges of the AMADA EG-6013AR press brake are equipped with a special sensor system. On every bend operation, this actively measures the actual sheet position in X- and Y-direction and corrects this automatically if necessary. As a result, the workpiece is always absolutely parallel to the backgauges and there is no sagging. The integrated sheet thickness sensor, which checks for double sheets, ensures added security. Last but not least, the AMADA EG-6013AR can also be equipped with the Bi-S active angle measurement system.

Für die vollautomatisierte Fertigung: die AMADA EG-6013AR.
For fully automated manufacturing: The AMADA EG-6013AR.

Images: AMADA GmbH