Thanks to the new ASF-EU loading and unloading towers, the new AMADA ENSIS laser cutting machines at Trio GmbH can run unstaffed around the clock. This ensures the company’s competitiveness in a context of planned future growth.

Quality, flexibility and reliable delivery deadlines – these are the three pillars of success at Trio Metall und Design GmbH in Luhe-Wildenau in Germany’s Upper Palatinate. The company, which was founded in 2013 and has 44 employees, designs, plans and manufactures short runs and individual parts as well as large series production runs for industrial customers. Automation, and especially of its AMADA systems, is particularly important for the business. “Automation allows us to remain competitive,” stresses Managing Director Robert Käs. “Thanks to automation, production operations can run autonomously round the clock, 365 days a year. At the same time, automation reduces our production costs. Because one operator can operate two machines, we can save approximately 50 percent of our personnel costs for our laser cutting and punching activities.”

Production capacities quadrupled

Robert Käs, Geschäftsführer Trio Metall und Design GmbH (rechts) und Florian Gebhard, Vertriebsbeauftragter Süd Amada GmbH.
Robert Käs, Managing Director of Trio Metall und Design GmbH (right) and Florian Gebhard, Sales Executive South at Amada GmbH.

Quite naturally, the new AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ laser cutting systems, all of which provide 6 kW of output power, are equipped with the ASF-EU loading and unloading station. “With the ENSIS systems, we have been able to quadruple our manufacturing capacities,” explains Käs. “The 6 kW variants ensure particularly high cutting performance even though the energy requirements of the machines are extremely low. This is particularly valuable in the case of continuous operation.” The ENSIS systems, which were delivered to the company in March 2019, are primarily used to manufacture claddings for the mechanical engineering and auto­motive sectors. To do this, each of the towers is loaded with more tonnes of sheet metal. “The towers automatically feed the corresponding sheet to the laser cutting system in the required thickness. It is then cut by the system and stored in the defined tower compartment again for further processing. In this way, we can process orders over the weekend fully automatically and without the need for any staff.” The ENSIS systems are programmed externally via AMADA’s VPSS 3i software, again reducing the need for highly-qualified metalworking specialists on-site.

For new customers and markets

Die neue Anlage kommt im Trio-Werk in Luhe-Wildenau zum Einsatz.
Die neue Anlage kommt im Trio-Werk in Luhe-Wildenau zum Einsatz.

On the one hand, the new AMADA ENSIS systems ideally complement the existing systems at Trio Metall und Design GmbH, which are themselves also highly automated. These include, for example, the Amada HG-1003ATCpress brake with Automatic Tool Changer or the AMADA EML-3610NT punch-laser combination machine with a fully automatic storage system connection in the form of the CS II. On the other hand, the machines also have a high strategic value for the company’s development. “We are planning to extend our sphere of activity to the whole of Bavaria and also parts of Austria and will soon be launching our Internet sales operation,” reports Käs. “With the new systems, we are creating the basis that will allow us to cope with the new order volumes that await us in the future.”

Images: AMADA GmbH