AMADA supplies compact, individually configurable automation modules for the automatic feed, removal and setting-down of steel sheets. The company will be showing how this permits the efficient, reliable processing of laser cutting jobs with reduced manpower at the forthcoming AMADA SOLUTION.

The next AMADA SOLUTION in May 2019 will be held under the motto “Automation Days” and the focus will be firmly placed on automation. And there is a good reason for this because, in the sheet metal industry in particular, automation has developed into an important competitive factor and AMADA is being asked for the corresponding solutions more than ever before. “Automation focuses on the material feed into the machine and on its removal and setting-down after processing,” explains Rolf Somnitz, Product Manager Automation at AMADA. “Automating these processes reduces the personnel required at the machine and consequently helps enterprises here counteract the problem of high non-wage labor costs and the shortage of qualified specialists.” Furthermore, automation is particularly suitable for systems that manufacture recurrent parts or series runs where production can therefore take place practically unmanned. What is more, when it comes to working with large, heavy sheets or easily-damaged surfaces, human machine operators quickly reach the limit of their capabilities. By contrast, AMADA’s automation systems can handle both large and heavy as well as light and easily-damaged sheets reliably and precisely without any errors or fatigue. Alongside their high performance, another advantage of AMADA’s automation systems lies in their extremely compact design that takes up only a small space in the production hall. With their small footprint they are also the perfect pairing for energy-saving production machines such as the ENSIS and ALPHA V series of laser cutting systems or the EM ZRB-type turret punching machine.

Speeds to match the fiber laser

Voll automatisiert: die AMADA ENSIS mit dem Be- und Entladeturm ASF-EU300 und der Teilesortierung TK-3015EU.
Fully automated: The AMADA ENSIS with the ASF-EU 3 loading and unloading tower
and the TK-3015EU part remover for part sorting applications.

The automation solution for the ENSIS laser cutting systems consists of the ASF-EU300 loading and unloading tower and the TK-3015EU part remover for part sorting applications. Both of these items are precisely configured for the sheet thickness range from 0.8 to 25 mm and formats of 3,000 by 1,500 mm which are also covered by the AMADA ENSIS multi-purpose laser cutting systems with their particularly energy-efficient fiber lasers and flying optics. The ASF-EU300 with its modular design automatically loads raw materials into the laser before then unloading it again.
In this case, seven pallets are available for the raw materials and three for the finished products. With particularly short loading and unloading times, it perfectly complements the high-speed throughput of the fiber laser. Depending on the material that is to be machined, the ASF-EU 300 is available as a single or twin-tower variant. After the production parts have been machined, the TK-3015 EU single-part sorting system removes them from the sheet and sorts them as required for the next production step. When used in combination, the ASF-EU300 and TK-3015EU can easily achieve an automation level of 80 to 90 percent.

Part fixing before the final separating stage

Durchgehend automatisierbar: die LC-2415 ALPHA V Laserschneidanlage.
Capable of end-to-end automation: the LC-2415 ALPHA V laser cutting system.
Für die Entnahme und Einzelsortierung: der Part Remover PR III 300 UL A.
For removing and sorting individual parts: the Part Remover PR III 300 UL A.
Für die optimale Beladung: der Auto Storage Loader ASL III 300 A.
For the optimum loading:
the Auto Storage Loader ASL III 300 A.

In the ALPHA V series of laser cutting machines, automation is performed using the Auto Storage Loader ASL III 300 A and the Part Remover
PR III 300 UL A. The ASL III 300 A is a storage tower for raw material and is also equipped with a loading unit that can access a total of nine material pallets with different thicknesses and grades during machine operation. It separates the sheets, checks that they are not doubled, feeds them into the machine and positions them at their gauges. After machining, the Part Remover takes out and sorts the parts. These are fixed in place before the final separating cut, which is performed in the Y-direction by the moving laser head. This ensures particularly reliable and precise removal and sorting and ideally complements the ALPHA V machines, which are able to process even materials with easily-damaged surfaces without any scratching or back spatters. The parts are sorted and set down at a freely programmable end position on up to four europallets. After this, the Part Remover also takes away the scrap from the machine and places it down separately while material supply has already recommenced at the front of the machine.

Single-sided loading and unloading

Be- und Entladen auf einer Maschinenseite: der Auto Storage Loader AS III MP 300.
The Auto Storage Loader AS III MP 300.

At the EM-3612ZRB turret punching machine, automation is again performed by means of an Auto Storage Loader (AS III MP 300) and a Part Remover (PR III 300 OP). Unlike the ASL III 300 A, the AS III MP 300 possesses a loading and unloading station. This means that it is able to separate the sheets, inspect them, feed and position them and also remove the scrap. This leaves considerably more space free on the other side of the machine for removal and part sorting by the PR III 300 OP. Here again, the part is fixed for removal even before the final punching stroke.

Automated bending

Automatisiertes Biegen: der Biegeroboter HG-ARS mit innovativer Greifertechnik.
Automated bending: the bending robot HG-ARS, with innovative gripper technology.

In addition to automation for lasers and punching machines, AMADA will also show at SOLUTION time-saving bending with a patented, automated tool changer. This includes the servo-hydraulic press brake HG-ATC as well as the bending robot HG-ARS, with innovative gripper technology (automatic gripper change and combination of mechanical and vacuum gripper).

Modular principle

The presented automation variants save a number of operating steps and permit reduced-manning or even unmanned production. All AMADA automation solutions have a modular design and can therefore be individually adapted to each manufacturing system and all customer requirements – in every individual task. Visit us at AMADA SOLUTION and experience our automation solutions live on-site!

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Images: AMADA GmbH