At EuroBLECH 2018, AMADA will also be presenting its latest developments for the pressing and bending sector. These include, among other things, the new EG-4010 press brake, a pneumatic tool system for the HFE3i-1003L and the Bi-S angle measurement system for the HG-2204ATC.

AMADA EG-4010With the EG-4010, AMADA is extending its machine portfolio for bending applications to include a compact, electrically driven press brake with 400 kN of press force and a beam width of 1 meter. The generously sized foot opening allows the operator to work comfortably in a sitting position. One unique feature of the EG-4010 is the patented DSP drive system with two electric motors at the top press beam – for the rapid lowering of the press beam at 220 mm/s as well as for precise, powerful guidance with a positioning accuracy of up to 1/1000 mm. Another highlight is the New AFH tool system. “With this, all the stations, including for components with different sheet thicknesses, can be set up in parallel and operators benefit from software support allowing them to manufacture all the parts of an assembly in a single cycle,” explains Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology. Thanks to the extremely rigid machine frame, the EG-4010 can also perform stamping operations. The EG-4010 is rounded off by a new back gauge, the DigiPro electronic angle measuring system and an ergonomic package consisting of a chair, worktable and storage compartments. The AMNC 3i control unit ensures full networking capability and permits external programming

Clamping at the touch of a button

HFE3i-1003LWith the HFE3i-1003L, AMADA is also showing off a proven success story in the world of press brakes with 1000 kN of press force and a beam width of three metre. The L stands for Longstroke and a higher machine base which is particularly suited to the manufacturing of larger components. Like the new standard of AMADA machine types, the HFE3i-1003L is also equipped with the AMNC 3i control unit. One completely new feature is the automatic, pneumatic tool clamping system that clamps all the tools in place at a single touch of a button. In addition, the system possesses the innovative FAST Finger back gauge which is equipped with sophisticated safety technology that allows it to move at maximum positioning speed at all times – without time-consuming decelerations.

Straight to the finished part

HG-2204ATCThe HG-2204ATC, which will be on display too, also excels through its maximized productivity – thanks to its 2200 kN of press force, a beam width of 4 m and the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). It also includes the SF 75 two-armed sheet follower for the accurate machining of large sheets as well as the Bi-S angle measurement system. This mechanically measures the sheet and sets the correct angle via up to three measurement points during the bending operation itself. As a result, all users arrive at the finished part as quickly as possible. This ensures maximum efficiency, in particular during the production of very small batch sizes. In combination with the ATC, which is one of the most powerful tool changers on the market and is able to reduce setup times from 40 to just 3-4 minutes, the HG-2204ATC is also able to cope with unexpected rush jobs without any difficulty.

Images: AMADA GmbH