The AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 fiber laser welding cell, the AMADA ENSIS-3015RI fiber laser cutting system and the AMADA EML-2515AJ (PDC) punching and fiber laser combination machine are the most recent developments based on AMADA’s fiber laser technology. Through numerous extensions and optimizations, AMADA has once again increased the performance of all the machines – for an outstanding new level of efficiency, quality and versatility.

Der Faserlaser der AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 reduziert dank höchster Präzision und angepasster Dosierung Nachbearbeitungen auf ein absolutes Minimum.

Thanks to its outstanding precision and adaptable dosing, the fiber laser in the AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 reduces retouching work to the absolute minimum.

The AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 fiber laser welding cell is the latest development in AMADA’s FLW series. AMADA has very recently further optimized the processes in the welding cell to improve machining quality and productivity in order, in particular, to reduce the time- and cost-intensive downstream finishing processes to a minimum. Consequently, the energy penetration from the fiber laser can be adapted by means of variable beam control so precisely that it is automatically optimally defined for each type of material and each task. This outstanding process ensures that there is nearly no discoloration or deformation on the backs of even the thinnest sheets. The penetration depth can also be varied to meet requirements. This is further complemented by the innovative welding technology and the special Ring Mode Beam for optimal bridging of even large gap sizes. “This makes the AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 a multi-­purpose system that offers optimum performance for every welding application and for a very wide variety of metals,” says Axel Willuhn, Product Manger for Punching and Laser Technology. “Compared to conventional systems, the AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 also excels through its particularly low energy consumption.” The M5 version with its innovative changeover table guarantees minimum stoppage times. Thanks to this, it is possible to perform welding with the first table in the booth while the second table is being prepared. The AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 has also been further optimized in the form of a new safety booth that complies with the high T2 safety standard. “It is an active safety system that fully monitors the welding process and stops it automatically if required. As a result, the AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 can be operated with less man power than in the past and the operator does not have to be fully dedicated to this one system,” explains Willuhn. In short, the AMADA FLW-3000ENSIS M5 guarantees all users even more quality, productivity and safety.

AMADA ENSIS-3015RI: Improved handling, greater precision

Viele neue Features und Funktionen sorgen bei der AMADA ENSIS-3015RI für noch mehr Leistungsstärke. Komplett neu gestaltet wurde auch die RI-Einheit

The many new features and functions of the AMADA ENSIS-3015RI (left) ensure an even higher level of performance. The RI unit (above) has been completely redesigned.

The AMADA ENSIS-3015RI fiber laser cutting system has been further optimized. More specifically, AMADA has completely redesigned the Rotary Index unit (RI) for the flatbed as well as the tube and profile machining process – and has also introduced a new safety concept that completely screens off the unit. The chuck that guides and supports the workpiece now actively turns synchronously with the rotary chuck and therefore no longer exerts any counteracting force on the workpiece. As a result, thin sheet metal tubes or sensitive profiles, in particular, can be processed much more precisely than in the past and without any scratches or deformations. Another entirely new feature in the AMADA ENSIS-3015RI is the integrated measuring sensor, which is known as the “Touch Probe”. It travels down to the workpiece and measures it with extreme precision. This system provides considerably more accurate values than are obtained using other methods. This allows for example to implement the precisely defined geometrical position of an external edge to a very high level of accuracy during real-life operation. And when it comes to materials costs, the system excels thanks to the Water Assisted Cutting System (WACS), which helps to improve material utilization. Overall, the AMADA ENSIS-3015RI now offers considerably greater precision than in the past, combined with improved handling and optimized material utilization – all combined with considerably higher speeds.

EML-2515AJ (PDC): Highly productive high-end system

Die neue AMADA EML-2515AJ (oben) ist das gelungene Round-up in der Stanz-Faserlaser-Kombinationstechnologie mit einer gesteigerten Bearbeitungsgeschwindigkeit und der perfekten Performance für alle Anwendungsbereiche.

The new AMADA EML-2515AJ is the successful all-rounder in the field of punching and fiber laser combination technology, with increased machining speed and perfect performance for all areas of application.

As a 3 kW punch-fiber laser combination machine with a punching force of 300 kN, the AMADA EML-2515AJ rounds off the AMADA product portfolio in the punch-laser sector. From the technical point of view, the capabilities of the previous LC-2515C1AJ and ACIES-2515AJ punching and fiber laser combination machines have been extended by a very productive high-end system. At the same time, the system, which has been configured for large format working areas, offers considerably more performance. This includes an increase in stroke frequency of up to 20 percent as well as higher speeds that reach as much as 50 meters per minute – and all of this is achieved with considerably lower energy consumption than in a CO2 laser, both in operating and stand-by mode. Another important feature of the AMADA EML-2515AJ is the integrated nozzle changer. This guarantees a continuous production process that is not interrupted by manual set up operations and is therefore essential for unmanned, automated production. Last but not least, the AMADA EML-2515AJ can optionally be equipped with the PDC (Punch & Die Changer) tool changer to set up the tools automa­tically and considerably increase the number of available tools compared to the standard version. All this makes the AMADA EML-2515AJ the successful all-rounder in the field of punching and fiber laser combination technology, with increased machining speed and perfect performance for all areas of application.

Note: Images partly without safety devices.

Images: AMADA GmbH