With the new 6 kW and 9 kW variants, AMADA has significantly increased the output levels of the proven AMADA ENSIS series of laser cutting systems. Another completely new feature is the collimation unit which makes it possible to vary the focus and diameter of the laser beam better than ever before. Together with the numerous possibilities for automation, these developments pave the way to completely new dimensions, in particular for the machining of medium and thick sheets.

The AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ has proven its value many times as a laser cutting system for perfect, top-quality cuts. Now AMADA has once again significantly increased the performance of the series. Consequently, the AMADA ENSIS is now available as a 6 kW and 9 kW variant in addition to the previous 3 kW model. In this way, all users can choose the right output level for their individual areas of application and cover every requirements profile without having to compromise. Another completely new feature is the collimation unit. Thanks to the unit’s movable optics, it is possible to optimize the focus position and the diameter of the laser beam better than ever before. Together with the variable beam control capability, which adapts the beam shape as required, this results in completely new beam properties that considerably extend the range of applications in the materials processing field.

The faster, more precise way to the perfect cut

Axel Willuhn, Produktmanager Stanz- und Lasertechnik, AMADA GmbH

Axel Willuhn, Produktmanager Stanz- und Lasertechnik, AMADA GmbH

“With the new output classes and the collimation unit, medium-thickness sheets can be cut economically and in high quality. At the same time, thick sheets can also be processed in high quality and considerably faster than before,” emphasizes Axel Willuhn, Product Manger for Punching and Laser Technology. For example, the initial penetration at the start of the cutting process can now be performed up to seven times faster than in the past thanks to the beam focusing capability. After this, the laser itself adjusts to the correct beam width and cuts the contours of the component with optimum rectangularity and outstanding edge quality. This process is stored in the cutting database and is performed automatically. No other setup operations are required since the optics cover the entire spectrum of materials. This also makes the AMADA ENSIS series of machines particularly easy to operate. Ease of operation is further supported by the large doors along the side and at the front of the machine that permit excellent access to the workspace.

Reduced consumption, low thermal effects

Mit den neuen Leistungsklassen eignet sich die AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ-Laserschneidanlage perfekt für das hochwertige, wirtschaftliche Schneiden von mittleren und dicken Blechen.

With the new performance classes, the AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ laser cutting system is perfectly suited for the high-quality, economically efficient cutting of medium and thick sheets. Images without safety devices.

However, the latest system generation also boosts performance in the field of nitrogen-based cutting in particular, because this permits the oxide-free cutting of both normal and stainless steel. At the same time, the use of special nozzle technology has permitted a considerable reduction in the consumption of cutting gas.
The AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ also compensates for the normally high level of warming that results from the considerable energy penetration in thicker materials. On the one hand, this involves adapting the beam properties so that less energy is led into the material. On the other, the Water Assisted Cutting System (WACS) reduces the effect of temperature during cutting. At the same time, the layout on the panel can be optimized with only minimum supporting elements and small distances between the individual components. Alongside the reduced consumption, the increased cutting speed and the high cutting quality that practically eliminates the need for­ reworking, the AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ also ensures outstanding economic and production efficiency – in every performance class.

Automation level of over 90 percent

Ausbaustufen wie der TKL und der ASF-EU garantieren dabei maximale Automation.

Add-ons such as the TKL and ASF-EU guarantee maximum automation.

The new generation of AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ laser cutting systems is also perfectly suited for automated production. AMADA offers a number of extension options for this. These include the MP-Flexit loading and unloading unit, for example. It contains one loading and one unloading compartment and is therefore a perfect entry-level automation solution. By contrast, the ASF-EU loading and unloading tower is a much more advanced solution that is available in various extension levels and considerably increases storage capacity. It is available as a single-tower or dual-tower variant. It is also possible to install a second output station that can be used to remove components directly. And if this is not sufficient for everyday manufacturing activities: It is also possible to connect the system to a storage system, with the result that capacities can be expanded almost limitlessly. Even more automation can be achieved by combining the ASF-EU loading and unloading tower and takeout loader (TKL) for parts sorting. This automatically removes the components from the cutting table after cutting and places them down sorted. This dramatically reduces the manpower required at the machine. Operators are saved a lot of strenuous work and are able to concentrate their attention on other important tasks in the form of multiple machine operation. This means: As a stand-alone solution, the AMADA ENSIS-3015AJ combined with the ASF-EU and TKL can, in principle, works fully autonomously. With an automation level of up to 90 percent and, depending on the current task, it sometimes even exceed this.

Images: AMADA GmbH