AMADA is extending the V-factory concept in line with the principles of IoT to include smart live machine monitoring (My V-factory) and, in the future, even with a proactive customer service option. In this way, all users can optimally design their manufacturing processes, maintain a live view of production activities at all times and obtain assistance without delay in the event of problems.

Varying batch sizes, increasing component complexity and ever shorter throughput and delivery times are regularly confronting sheet metal processing companies with new challenges. As a comprehensive concept for the intelligent factory, the latest generation of the AMADA V-factory provides the necessary solutions. With My V-factory for individual production monitoring and interactive IoT support, AMADA can supply you with two new modules for this innovative concept.

Individual monitoring with My V-factory

Lukas Pollok, Application Engineer im Bereich Software, AMADA GmbH

Lukas Pollok, Application Engineer im Bereich Software, AMADA GmbH

All customers can monitor the entire production environment on the desktop and smart terminal devices at a glance in real time. To permit this, My V-factory depicts all the current machine states as well as the running and completed programs. In addition, My V-factory also provides information about the exact runtimes and setup times, including a precise differentiation between stand-by and stoppage times. “Together with other features such as production quantities, we therefore offer an ideal system allowing users to design optimum production sequences at their different company sites themselves. My V-factory provides practical solutions for counteracting bottlenecks and downtimes before they arise,” explains Lukas Pollok,
Application Engineer responsible for software.

Interactive customer service in step with the times

AMADA’s IoT support is the second innovation in the AMADA V-factory concept. As a custom service, it kicks in precisely where producers themselves do not recognize risks, and provides fast, reliable support for maintenance queries. Depending on the customer’s wishes, AMADA’s IoT support can be activated either automatically when warning messages arise or only when actively requested by the
customer. At the same time, the security of the customer’s data is guaranteed at all times.

Maximum application potential

The best way to take advantage of the potential of the new AMADA V-factory concept is to use the AMNC3i control unit and the intelligent VPSS3i software. However, My V-factory is also able to support earlier generations. Manufacturers gain particular benefit from the
virtual prototype simulation which eliminates errors before the production stage is reached. In the future, AMADA’s V-factory will be available with different booking options so that all users can design their own individual production approaches and incorporate just as much innovation as they want

Images: AMADA GmbH