With larger tool stations in an extended large-format machine, the AMADA AE-2610NT is opening up new possibilities for economical, high-speed punching. This CNC-controlled turret punch press also excels in terms of flexibility, quality and operator convenience.

The new AMADA AE-2610NT

The new AMADA AE-2610NT

The AMADA AE series of punching machines are equipped with servo-electric drives which combine the advantages of mechanical punching technology with the speed and flexibility of hydraulic high-speed systems. In this way, they not only ensure enhanced production speeds and outstanding precision and functionality but also minimize setup times and costs. This applies in
particular to the new AMADA AE-2610NT punching machine. This fast, easy-to-use, economical system is ideally suited for so-called parametric use and therefore, for example, the manufacture of control cabinets, housings, doors and claddings that can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

Turret punch press with extended station structure

One completely new feature of the AMADA AE-2610NT is its considerably extended working and application area. As a result, the tool turret with 3-track structure now has 45 stations, including the E-station size with a diameter of 114.3 mm. For the first time, these stations make it possible to use particularly large round and forming tools. This enhancement not only permits the punching and forming of particularly large geometries. More importantly, for example, the punching of long external contours can be completed particularly quickly and efficiently because now far fewer strokes are needed for the operation. The appearance of the final punched product is also improved because the reduction in the number of strokes means less deformation as well as fewer transitions and initial punch marks at the contour.

Large-format machining now a possibility

Another highlight of the new AMADA AE-2610NT lies in the fact that large sheets can now also be machined precisely and with high quality. This is because the working area has now been extended to a large format. Together with the newly available tool sizes, this extension provides significantly better performance than in the past and again guarantees top-quality results every single time – over a long service life. These qualities are further enhanced by the bridge frame which, together with the high-precision servo-electric drive, represents a major design feature of the AMADA AE-2610NT.

Efficient and cost-effective

Mit der neuen E-Stationsgröße und der Anpassung auf das Großformat eignet sich die neue Stanzmaschine perfekt für den parametrischen Bereich.

With the new E-station-size and adaptation to large-format work, the new punching machine is perfect for parametric operation.

The new AMADA AE-2610NT also boasts a number of other impressive advantages in the fields of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For example, the average energy requirement is a mere 3.5 kW, meaning that the CNC-controlled turret punching machine needs just a third of the energy consumed by a comparable hydraulic system. Another important factor that contributes to the system’s energy efficiency is the innovative energy recovery principle that is implemented in the AMADA AE-2610NT. With this, the drive energy that is released during braking is stored and then re-used on the next acceleration. Last but not least, the maintenance effort and servicing costs are significantly lower than for hydraulic systems because the servo-electric drive itself uses no oil as a drive medium and needs only a small number of low-maintenance components. Overall, the AMADA AE-2610NT offers an excellent price/performance ratio and guarantees long-term cost-effective operation thanks to the lower cost of acquisition. Importantly, economic efficiency is also boosted by the AMADA AE-2610NT’s compact footprint which minimizes the use of valuable production space.

Precision at the touch of a button

The system’s great ease of operation makes a vital contribution to successful punching with the new AMADA AE-2610NT. This is possible thanks to the AMNC control unit, which combines user-friendly operation with simple handling in order to permit secure, error-free production work. The focus is placed on outstanding manufacturing precision and users are able to activate the so-called “high-accuracy mode” when manufacturing parts that demand exceptional machining quality. This function further increases the precision of the machine quickly and easily. The multimedia AMNC control unit permits simple, intuitive handling by all operators – from first-time users of the technology through to experienced professionals.

Automation for maximum profitability

The new AMADA AE-2610NT is further enhanced by numerous automation options that decisively boost the system’s economic efficiency. One of these is the AMADA MP SheetCat, a compact loading and unloading system for punching and laser machines that guarantees maximum profitability even for small and mid-sized batches or for rush jobs. A further machine characteristic takes the form of the separated safety areas. These ensure a safe working environment so that the next sheet can be prepared for machining even while its predecessor is still in production. This efficient, ergonomic procedure minimizes interruptions to the production process, while simultaneously maximizing capacity utilization at the punching machine. By performing loading and unloading operations simultaneously, the MP SheetCat also helps cut material changeover times – a feature that is of particular value to users when manufacturing mid-sized batches. The automation options therefore further extend the already outstanding performance of the AMADA AE-2610NT punching machine, which is setting new standards in terms of productivity, economic efficiency, quality and ease-of-operation in the field of CNC punching technology.

Pictures: AMADA