The AMADA ALPHA V combines outstanding cutting quality with even faster, more stable and more efficient cutting operation and enhanced convenience and comfort in use. It sets completely new standards for the laser cutting of materials with easily damaged surfaces.  

Right from its initial launch on the market in 1993, the first-generation ALPHA laser cutting system ushered in a new era in the field of high-precision, secure, economical laser cutting. Since then, AMADA has never stopped further developing this machine type, which ranks among the highest-selling semi-flying optic solutions worldwide. The most recent, redesigned and optimized to ensure sustainability, is the ALPHA V.

Increased cutting speed

The new ALPHA V combines maximum cutting quality with outstanding productivity, even when working with easily damaged materials.

The new ALPHA V combines maximum cutting quality with outstanding productivity, even when working with easily damaged materials.

One key benefit of the new AMADA ALPHA V lies in the further optimization to the cutting process. Consequently, the machine now features an AF3500i-C resonator that operates in “HyperFine Mode” to ensure even greater productivity and maximum cutting quality. Overall, the AMADA ALPHA V provides considerably faster cutting speeds compared to the predecessor model and ensures outstanding cutting results, in particular when machining stainless steel and aluminum components. In particular, the AMADA ALPHA V can also machine highly polished or brushed, low-scratch surfaces to absolute perfection and with no back spatters. And with the ALPHA V, it is absolutely impossible to weld the finished part to the material support as used to happen in the past. This is due to the variable cutting gap adjustment which makes it possible to adapt the cutting gap individually to meet the needs of any given task.

Optimized performance

The enhanced machining performance is also supported by a range of other features in the AMADA ALPHA V. These include a generously-sized end-to-end brush table and user-selectable roller support. This ensures that all the workpieces are positioned exactly where required by the process. Additional rollers at the table edges protect the brushes during loading. In addition, the opening angle of the parts flap has been enlarged to permit process-compliant parts exclusion and direct access to the parts.

Value added in practice

In the AMADA ALPHA V, the maintenance intervals of all the main components involved in beam guidance have been considerably lengthened, leading to valuable cost reductions. What is more, energy consumption has been greatly reduced in the AMADA ALPHA V whose intelligent energy management system can cut requirements by up to twenty percent compared to the previous model. The system is now controlled using the AMNC-3i control unit which possesses variable height adjustment, allowing it to be optimally adapted to each individual user. Together, all these benefits mean that the new AMADA ALPHA V is the perfect solution for high-performance laser cutting – reliable, economical and in top quality.

Pictures: AMADA