The automatic tool changer (ATC) cuts the setup process at AMADA HG press brakes to just a few minutes. Combined with the fully networked production process this brings maximum manufacturing efficiency from a single supplier.

With the HG 1003 ATC, AMADA is able to supply a manually operated press brake that nevertheless permits a high level of automation thanks to the ATC tool changer, which was developed exclusively by AMADA. This is because the ATC handles the entire setup process, which takes an average of approximately 40 minutes on conventional systems. “At an HG 1003 ATC, however, this type of setup operation can be performed in 20 seconds to three minutes,” explains Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology at AMADA GmbH. “Or in other words: At an HG 1003 ATC, it is possible to install 32 tools in just 36 seconds. This makes it perfect for short runs with frequently changing parts and it can easily replace two conventional machines that have to be set up manually.” Alongside the HG 1003 ATC with 100 tonnes of press force and three-meter beam width, AMADA also supplies the HG 2204 ATC with 220 tonnes of press force, a beam width of four meters and a larger ATC. In practice, the customer simply imports the 2D/3D data of the part that is to be manufactured into the AMADA Production Designer which then defines the properties of the part. The part is then “flattened” and the blank is generated and transferred to AMADA’s software (VPSS 3i BEND). This then works fully automatically to create a complete bending program, including the tool selection and bending sequence, generally in between just 20 to 90 seconds. During tool setup, all the tools then travel to the required position and the operator presses the start button to start production. And if a new order arrives, the next bending program is simply loaded into the ATC. “Once the data has been imported, the Production Designer then works together with the bending software to perform a feasibility analysis. This allows the customer to see straight away whether the job can be performed as is or whether other welding, stamping or laser cutting operations are required.” adds Peter John Hain, Software Application Engineer at AMADA. “And these, too, can be implemented perfectly using the universally applicable Production Designer from the cross-technology VPSS 3i software suite.”

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