Digital solutions and current stand-out machines live and in practical use – at Solutions, AMADA once again showed off its technological leadership to visitors and showcased the company’s innovative strength. 

From standalone solutions through to fully-automated systems with robot automation – over an area of 2,000 square meters at Solutions in March 2017, AMADA presented live applications to show just how efficient sheet metal working can be in the world of digital networking. The highlights of the in-house exhibitions that were held in March in Haan and Landshut included the LCG AJ fiber laser-cutting machine with 6 kW of power, as well as the press brakes with automatic tool changer: HG 2204 ATC and HG 1003 ARs. A practical test workshop made it possible for visitors to discover just how fast their own in-house bending processes using their existing machines actually are and how these can be further improved. The advantages and potentials of digital networking were presented by means of a practical example running on a number of different machine solutions (for more information on the practical test, see page 3). In addition, Solutions provided a forum for discussions with AMADA’s specialists, allowing visitors to discover solutions, swap experiences and find out about new ways forward.

Everything on display

The aim of the generously sized showrooms that accommodate Solutions in Haan and Landshut is to present AMADA’s entire machine portfolio and win over visitors with live production solutions – and the results are impressive! Here, the focus lies not only on the presentation of the various technologies but, more importantly, on a cross-solution offering consisting of analysis and consulting services. Visitors are informed in-depth about the latest developments in the metalworking industry. The showrooms are perfectly configured to meet the requirements of live applications running on AMADA products. Presentation hubs subdivided by technological field form the platform on which AMADA’s application engineers present practical manufacturing solutions on demonstration machines. For information and dates, go to:

Picture: Amada GmbH