AMADA has the perfect press brake for every bending task. Different levels of automation are possible depending on the batch size and component geometry – for outstanding precision, profitability and reproducibility.

With the HFE 3i, HG ATC and HG ARs series, AMADA is able to supply high-performance press brakes with varying levels of automation. Which of these three system types is chosen for the individual, high-precision, reproducible bending of metal sheets depends on a number of factors: “Decisive criteria include the batch size, as well as the extent to which the production of the component can be automated,” explains Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology. “We can ­supply the perfect solution for each scenario – from manual press brakes through to fully automatic, robot-­assisted production cells.”

Change-overs in a matter of seconds

Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology, Amada GmbH

Tankred Kandera, Product Manager for Bending Technology, Amada GmbH

Of all the system types, the HFE 3i series, which more or less acts as the basic model, offers the lowest level of automation. It is ideally suited for manufacturing large runs of differently sized components which can either not be automated or can be automated only with difficulty. In this case, the relatively long setup times associated with the fairly infrequent need for a tool change are of little significance. By contrast, in the HG ATC series, tool changes take place fully automatically – thanks to the automatic tool changer (ATC). This takes the punches and dies from the magazine and places them in exactly the required position in the press brake in a matter of seconds. And that is well worthwhile: “The ATC dramatically reduces setup times. Compared to conventional systems, the setup time is cut to between one and three minutes,” explains Kandera. As a result, the HG series, which includes the HG-1003 ATC and the larger HG-2204 ATC, is perfectly suited for larger components of any batch size from 1 up that demand correspondingly frequent tool changes.

Individual handling

Automation in einer neuen Dimension: die HG-1003 ARs.

A new dimension in automation: the HG-1003 ARs.

The HG ARs series, however, represents a completely new dimension in automation. It is suitable for medium through to large series and permits the unstaffed manufacture of even highly complex components. The seven-axis production robot performs all the movement and bending processes tirelessly and with outstanding precision. All programming work for the sequences of movements and bending operations is performed offline using the AR-CAM software that automatically computes the entire program. This saves a huge amount of time, in particular in the case of parts requiring a large number of bends, and every movement sequence can be fully implemented in practice.
To permit high-precision, automatic component handling, the robot possesses a number of grippers that operate mechanically, pneumatically or in a hybrid mechanical-pneumatic mode. The key: The built-in gripper changer (AGC) automatically equips the robot with the appropriate grippers, which are always optimally adapted to the component size, movement sequence and applied force.
The press brakes are controlled using VPSS 3i Bend Software. When the required component has been loaded, the software computes the ideal bending sequence, the associated tools, and the tool setup. All the programs are stored on a separate server and can be called up again at any time. The high-precision, totally reproducible bending operation can then begin – manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically.

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