As part of its new V-Factory concept, AMADA is supplying individual Software Solution Packs for every area of the sheet metal working industry. Together with the “Virtual Prototype Simulation System 3i (VPSS 3i)”, every production process can be externally programmed and planned in virtually every detail. Completely in line with the principles of Industry 4.0, this permits fast, economical, versatile digital sheet metal working from a single source.

Peter John Hain, Software Application Engineer, Amada GmbH

Peter John Hain, Software Application Engineer, Amada GmbH

At AMADA, the digitalization of things and the increasing networking of people and machines are more than just a vision; they are already a living reality. The best example of this is AMADA’s “V-Factory” concept with the new AMADA Software Solution Packs. This represents a fully-featured software solution for digital sheet metal working. “Thanks to the real-time data, which is also available for mobile terminal devices, not only is the current production status of every job visible whenever it is needed,” explains Peter John Hain, Software Application Engineer at AMADA. “What is more, with the V-Factory concept, all users will be able to compute their production processes more precisely in the future, react even faster to customer requests and process the corresponding orders with outstanding efficiency.” Depending on the required production mode, all programs for the laser processing, bending, punching and punch-laser combination fields can be prepared externally using the Blank, Bend, Robot and Weld Solution Packs as well as the Tube and Panel Bend Solution Packs . Together with the new “Virtual Prototype Simulation System 3i (VPSS 3i)”, fully-networked sheet metal working is possible in a single end-to-end process that will greatly increase efficiency, for example through time savings of up to 70 percent. In addition, each of the AMADA Software Solution Packs provides individual tools and features that are specially adapted to the relevant production mode. However, each of the Software Solution Packs contains the Production Designer – a universal importer for all 3D models and 2D drawings. Each individual order is defined and its processing computed in this before being further specified in the corresponding CAM Software Packs. The data is saved on the Data Management Server where it is immediately available for use on the relevant AMADA systems.

All-round solution

The new Blank Solution Pack is the fully-featured software solution for the external programming of all AMADA punching, laser and punch-laser combination machines. At the heart of the Blank Solution Pack lies the new VPSS 3i Blank programming system. Based on the production data that has previously been created in the ABE Planner, it performs the nesting, sorting, technology assignment and NC code generation tasks. The Blank Solution Pack also contains the Parameter Explorer (PX) for the management of all machining parameters and the Data Explorer (DX), which is responsible for managing all the part and program data.

One-click bending

The new Bend Solution Pack represents the latest generation of fully automatic external programming solutions for the corresponding bending and pressing operations. It cuts the time required for program creation, simplifies the machine setup process and consequently reduces machine downtimes. The new VPSS 3i Bend bending program solution automatically computes the optimum bending sequence, performs collision checks and calculates the appropriate tool data – all within a clearly structured, user-friendly “all-in-one” user interface. The Bend Solution Pack also includes the ABE Planner, the Parameter Explorer (PX) and the Data Explorer (DX).

Fully-automatic bending

The new AMADA bending robot generations can also be programmed externally and semi-automatically – thanks to the new Robot Solution Pack and the AR-CAM software it contains. This eliminates the time-intensive teaching of the system and the next 3D programs can be created while production of the last batch continues fully automatically. The solution uses the same 3D bending models that are employed in the VPSS 3i Bend bending program solution. This guarantees that even small series can be produced extremely economically. At the same time, the stored data makes it possible to prepare even demanding components for manufacture in a very short time.Mit den neuen AMADA Solution Packs ist jede AMADA-Anlage extern programmierbar – für die schnelle, wirtschaftliche und flexible Blechfertigung.

Faster to the finished part

In the welding field, it is now also possible to program the FLW welding cell externally using the Weld Solution Pack. This speeds up the process from the 3D model through to the finished part. Capacity utilization is also increased because external programming can take place during live machine operation. Programming is performed in a virtual 3D environment using the VPSS 3i Weld software. FLW CAM 3i identifies the edges that can be welded and assigns welding properties and a machining sequence to these.

From a single source

The new Tube Solution Pack has been developed especially for the machining of tubes and profiles. This combines the Solidworks high-performance Sheetworks 3D design software with the Tube CAM software, which now permits fully automatic programming including nesting for AMADA tube lasers. Optionally, the Tube CAD module for tube laser design and programming may also be integrated in Sheetworks. The combination of Sheetworks and Tube CAM ensures that the corresponding NC programs can be created extremely quickly.


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